Considerable increase

The share of associated companies within the competition keeps increasing – the market crisis once overcome; buyout investments for example are attractive businesses once more. We prepared ourselves for this development at an early stage – with a significant effect on our client structure. Here, the number of our clients quintupled within the last 3 years. The main reason for this success is that we put together a perfectly fitting HR management offer for you.


Full service instead of being cut down to a minimum

If you got yourself involved with a portfolio company, it is often necessary to take drastic measures. In this process often a complete management is replaced. We help our clients build a new management team. Beyond this executive search we support the new management: with management audits and potential analyses we make the personnel structure become transparent, reveal faults / deficiencies and raise optimization potentials.


Certainly in your interest: a quick return on invest

This is possible if you are able to fill management positions with exactly the right persons the market provides. By means of the executive search we were able several times to help a company become market leader. This way you reach your goal faster than expected and are able to reap the fruits of your cooperation.


Our management would be pleased to inform you how we can be of help with your portfolio company.  


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