For years you have invested time, dedication and commitment in your company? And now, with a corporate succession at hand, you wish for a worthy successor?


We will find someone who will continue your company as you would have done.

Every year the corporate succession becomes a show of strength with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles for more than 70.000 businesses. Because - how neutral and easy it might seem: in practice it proves to be a different matter. Therefore, we support this process with the following services:

  • being the sparring partner and mediator of the leaving businessman
  • searching for and selecting a suitable successor
  • providing a professional team consisting of SELECTEAM consultants, an auditing company and a corporate finance consultant

In this tripartite constellation we support and plan your transition process, regardless of whether your company remains family property or you plan a MBI or a MBO. In this regard our consultants are renowned specialists with many years of experience in the field of corporate succession.


You wish for a worthy successor?

Then co-operate with SELECTEAM and set the course for a successful future of your company, and thus make sure that neither the commitment nor the time you spent for your company were for nothing.