What does success exactly mean? What is the secret behind? And how can you successfully create history at your company?


A history of success for you, too

History is something you look back on. Something long-lasting, something that secretly leads to success.

SELECTEAM looks back on more than 30 years of success history so far. But what is our secret? - A partnership consisting of competent consultants. We unite freelance consultants, experts of diverse branches in a working group. Thus, we increase our - and your - chance of success. 


Success by looking ahead

Our clients appreciate our unconventional cooperation. We do not only measure ourselves by how fast a project is completed but also by how sustainable our service is. This guarantees our client a quick "Return to Invest" as well as the reliability of the partner.


Success by having inside knowledge

Our partners and consultants are experienced professionals who are experts in the different branches. We have cultivated long-term and successful business relationships in the trades we are specialized in. Thus, we are able to understand your situation perfectly. Our sense of responsibility for the importance of the task and the professional and effective execution has brought us to the level we stand today.


Success by working strategically

It is not always easy to find suitable employees. Two worlds collide: the requests and experiences of the applicants on one hand and the expectations and demands of the position profile on the other hand. How can these requirements that do not seem to be compatible at all fit together in the end?

Carry out an ambitious executive search. Apply practical techniques such as management audits or potential analyses.

SELECTEAM assists in finding the most appropriate method for you and will implement it at your company with a clear focus on success.


Success by building bridges

In order to continue the company’s history in a promising way, we design and build new bridges for you – between the company, the executive and the employee. Building bridges means creating new ways and opening up new paths. 

New ways mean new perspectives. 

New perspectives mean new ideas. 

And new ideas lead to success.



Success can be historical. It is important, however, that there will be success in the future. It is our mission to assign, consult and support executives of the highest management level; that way we put highly qualified, visionary people into positions where they can make a difference and increase their company’s profitability and market value. We want to serve the future market by filling key positions in German industry to push the industry forward strengthen the international competiveness of German business and industry. We would like to discuss the possibilities of a successful cooperation with you.


Friedrich Vogel, 

Managing Director