"The best way of predicting the future is to shape it yourself“ 

(Willy Brandt)


Who we are

The SELECTEAM Company is a partnership of consultants who has given advice to renowned companies of different sizes and branches in all matters of HR management for 30 years now. We do not only rate ourselves as the conventional recruiting company – with our service we also support the complete Employee Life Cycle process within the company.

Our supreme discipline is and remains the executive search as basis of our consulting service. Over the years we have focused on additional requirements of our clients and have become a full service HR personnel and management consultancy.

However, we have not only met the demands of our clients successfully – we have also accompanied many executives on their way to a new and demanding challenge.

But not only external specialists have found a new task for life with us. There are many team members within the SELECTEAM Company, too, looking back on a successful career as entrepreneur in our enterprise.

Wait and see how many possibilities will arise for you out of a partnership with the SELECTEAM Company.


The targets of the SELECTEAM Company

It has always been our target to cooperate with our clients on a long-term partnership basis. With our services we contribute to the company’s long-term success. With our help several of our business partners have been able to establish themselves as market leader. 

Our ambition is to be absolutely reliable for the client. Some of the clients already consider us as part of their HR strategy. It is our philosophy to add value to our partners. That means: If our client is fine we are fine, too.


What we are proud of

We proudly look back on 30 years of history. In all these years we have gone through ups and downs with our clients and the team and have taken many obstacles together.

SELECTEAM’s team spirit as well as the good and fair cooperation with our clients has brought us where we stand today. Not only the quick success but mainly the sustainability of our service is one of the main reasons for us being in business for more than 30 years.

We would like to thank all colleagues and clients who have remained loyal all those years for their faith and are looking forward to further cooperation. The world keeps changing irresistibly and faster and faster. Let us share our path, cultivate our cooperation with pleasure and respect and build up new cooperation.