„Just in time“-Management

The definition of interim management (lat. ad interim: in the meantime, for the time being) is a fixed-term kind of business management. A professional management know-how and first-class expert knowledge for temporary assignments - that is what we understand as interim management.  


So much for  the theory – but what do you need it for?

New entrepreneurial challenges and unforeseen tasks as well as unscheduled resignations of managers might require an ad hoc recruitment of additional executives or the temporary employment of highly qualified employees. 


Possible reasons might be:

  • special tasks or limited projects requiring specific qualifications, for example the introduction to SAP R/3 
  • management tasks that are not to be delayed and have an urgend need for action, requiring ad hoc additional management ressources for a limited period of time
  • there is no possible internal solution at hand 


Advantages you can take of the interim management:

  • quick and flexible reactions that are tailored to suit a market need to staffing bottleneck situations with internal and external reasons
  • The interim manager’s many years of experience make the target achievement very probable
  • the costs and risks of a permanent employment are avoided
  • simple contractual relations by means of short-term availabitly limits and contact cancelling limits
  • no competition for internal executives
  • effects on personnel development 


Where is the interim management used?

  • finance and accounting
  • data processing and IT
  • personnel/organization
  • marketing/sales
  • production /technical management
  • logistics/supply chain management
  • general management 


SELECTEAM offers you experienced interim managers with excellent references for temporary assignments in most diverse areas . You tell us what task you want to be performed, we will find the adequate temporary top executive.