managing director

Friedrich Vogel studied business management with an emphasis on personnel and organizations in Munich.


He gathered his consolidated human resources management knowledge and his experience as manager within a big group of the main construction trade with a staff of more than 40.000.


The focus of his work lay on the overall responsibility for an operative personnel department, project work on a group level, business re-engineering, management development and personnel recruitment. 


Since 1998 Friedrich Vogel has worked within the field of personnel and management consulting, and since May 1999 he has been SELECTEAM partner and associate. 


He has specialized his consulting work on the executive search and strategic replacements of top management positions. 


In 2003 he took over the management of the Munich site. 


Since 2007 Friedrich Vogel has been managing director of the SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH with 7 national sites. 


His task is the overall responsibility for the company and its strategic advancement. 


Friedrich Vogel is member of several economic committees, business coach and registered member of the board of directors with MittelstandPlus.



Alexander Bolz SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH





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associate, management consultant

Simone Brzoska studied information and corporate communication with marketing and communication as main subjects. 


Since 1999 she has gathered experience within the fashion industry as well as cosmetic and designer labels. After that she was responsible for operative marketing, customer service as well as recruitment and selection of personnel within her occupational career. She took over team management tasks and trainings and organized fashion shows and events.


Before she came to Selecteam, Simone Brzoska worked for Porsche Design in the field of product and licence management.


She has her focus on recruiting specialized and management personnel for fashion and designer labels and on developing new strategies of personnel recruitment.


Dr. Dieter Buhl SELECTEAM Deutschland





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partner, management consultant

After finishing an apprenticeship and studying business administration, Katja Dreyer started to work as personnel referent within the IT branch. She went through media, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering / medical engineering branch stages and worked as personnel manager for Central Europe for a Japanese group. In 2008 she changed to the personnel consulting sector. Mrs. Dreyer’s main focus lies on the recruitment of specialists and executives for technology oriented branches, such as automotive, mechanical engineering, IT as well as medical engineering and most of all dental technology.


Marting Gapp SELECTEAM Deutschland





My professional career started in tourism. After working in various positions for Hapag-Lloyd all over Germany I continued my career outside tourism.

After having successfully finished my business studies with focus on HR I managed the sales and HR business for 3 companies both in permanent and freelance roles.

In 2006, I joined Robert Half International. As a Division Manager I specialized in recruiting for permanent finance and accounting positions. My team filled positions from specialists up to executive level.

In 2010, I joined Amadeus FiRe as Managing Consultant. Still focused on finance and accounting, my team now offered permanent, temporary and interim services on all levels.

In 2013, I joined von Rundstedt Executive Search as Senior Executive Search Consultant. In this role I focused on a wider range of national and international senior and executive positions in an average range from 100-250k EUR, exclusively filled by direct search.

In 2016, I joined SELECTEAM as Partner. I am focusing on executive search projects for positions within a range of 100k up to 350k EUR. My main target markets are plant construction and engineering, metal as well as polymer processing, automotive supply and technical trading.




Dr. Michael Garmer SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH




Dr. Michael Garmer has been working in HR consulting since 2008.


His focus is on the placement of positions for executives in industry, in the energy industry as well as in the field of technical and industry-related services. Here he has been successfully placing positions for board members and managing directors for many years. In the second row, technical managers, production managers, development managers and quality managers belong to his special field. Dr. Garmer has developed a special expertise in the fields of machine, plant and steel construction as well as in precision mechanics, optics and medical technology.


As a focus of his work, the solution of succession tasks in medium-sized family businesses has emerged. In this area, he also successfully places supervisory boards and advisory boards: "When the successor is up, every family business is in a critical phase. A neutral accompaniment by an experienced external advisory board is of great advantage, "says Dr. Garmer. "Especially in family businesses it is important that non-family managers, in addition to well-founded specialist and industry knowledge, also bring the right personality."


Another focus of his work is the placing of positions for compliance officers in all areas. The requirements for the compliance systems in the various sectors have now become extremely diverse. It is precisely here that an extensive experience in the selection of suitable candidates is essential.


Dr. Garmer is certified in the conduct of behavioral Profile analyses (VPA) with the Thomas International System (disc). These form a proven tool for securing personnel decisions and for staff management.    Dr. Michael Garmer studied physics and business administration and earned his PhD in mechanical engineering. Several years of activities in the industry as a quality manager as well as managing director of a technical service company round off his qualification.


Dr. Garmer is married and father of a son. 



Fred Johnke




After graduating in Economic Science, Fred startet a successful career in the Financial Services Industry with close contact to industry in particular to the automotive industry. Through his many years spent in professional and managerial positions, most recently as Managing Director, he has gathered indepth experience in diverse areas such as corporate development, corporate management, market cultivation, organisation and process management, key account management and all relevant HR topics. 


Prior to joining SELECTEAM as a Partner, Fred had allready sucecssfully worked as an Executive Director for an internationally established recruitment consultancy. As a SELECTEAM Partner Fred concentrates on winning suitable managers and specialists for his industry clients.


Due to an increasing demand for management consulting, he will increasingly use this existing know-how in his work processes.


Detlev Lange SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH



Partner / Senior Management Consultant


“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” (Reinhold Niebuhr)


Detlev Lange completed a business degree in Nuremberg focussing on Human Resources and Organisation. 


Mr. Lange has more than 30 years of professional experience in the sector of FMCG in the German respectively European market.


Furthermore he could gather valuable insights in the sector of real estate for many years. For more than 20 years he has been an expert in the acquisition of executives in Sales, Marketing and Management, both in the sectors of FMCG and Real Estate.


He gained notable experience in different processes of change management over the years being a project leader for the creation of new HR as well as Sales structures. He also served as an Honorary Judge in the labour court in Munich. So he is able to draw from diverse experience for his work as a business coach.





Josef Patzelt SELECTEAM Deutschland



Partner / Senior Management Consultant

„There is something that is much more scarce, something finer far, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.“ (Elbert G. Hubbard)


This quotation from the American essayist has influenced Josef Patzelt in his career to date in the selection and recruitment of the "right" candidates. After training as a forwarding agent, he worked for over 20 years as a manager and managing director in the logistics industry, before moving to recruitment consultancy in 1995.


His focus is on attracting executives and specialists to companies with technically demanding products or services.


For many years, he has been successfully filling positions such as managing directors, commercial managers, sales managers, etc. for companies with medium-sized structures. In addition, his technical expertise includes technical managers, production managers, logistics managers and quality managers. His clients include, above all, German family-owned companies, including some hidden champions who have trusted him for years - also on account of his experience in the sustainable securing of successful corporate succession.


Mr. Patzelt has particular expertise in the following industries:

  • Automotive Chemistry
  • Plastic Logistics
  • IT Aerospace Engineering
  • Air conditioning and temperature control technology 
  • Machinery, apparatus and plant construction 


We are pleased that we were able to gain an experienced partner for our team in Düsseldorf with Mr. Patzelt.  




Marcus Reinhard SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH





The English Profile of Marcus Reinhard will be online soon. Meanwhile you can find the German profile here




Christian Schomann SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH




„There are three things you start without knowing how they end up: a revolution, a love and a career,“
(Max Ophüls)

Christian Schomann completed his dual degree in commerce after completing his general higher education entrance qualification.


Mr. Schomann has more than 15 years of professional experience in the development and expansion, as well as the restructuring of sales organizations and in the marketing of market leading national and international brand manufacturers of the consumer goods industry.


In the past 10 years he has been successfully in a leading sales function and as an authorized officer in the personnel and organizational development and expansion of a dual system service company.


His consulting focus at SELECTEAM lies in the areas of executive search and the replacement of specialist and management positions, also in associations. His specialization is focused on leadership positions in sales, marketing, IT, R & D, procurement and production.


As a partner, Mr. Schomann strengthens our team of consultants in the sectors of consumer goods, packaging and logistics, renewable energies and environmental protection.






graduate engineer


Professionally, due to his education and studies, Fritz-Ulrich Trute is rooted in the field of transport and electrical / drive engineering. He studied technical cybernetics in Dresden and absolved a postgraduate course of study with a degree in personnel management. He can look back on many years of experience in industry management positions (heavy equipment engineering) with a focus on personnel management as well as education and training. 


Since 1991 Fritz-Ulrich Trute has been working as personnel and management consultant, mainly for small- and medium-sized businesses. As project manager he disposes of an extensive experience regarding the executive search and the assessment/potentital analysis of executives. When it comes to the recruitment of executives and qualified technical and operational specialists, he works also for different fields of society and organisations, overlapping various sectors of the economy.


He is member of the “BVMW – Unternehmerverband Deutschland e.V.”