You do not want to find yourself abandoned with undesired tasks?

We stand by you, even in difficult situations

As there are dramatical change processes and recurring recessions, unfortunately the personnel numbers have to be reduced in many sectors. For neither side this is a simple situation. The employees who are directly affected are challenged. That has subsequent effects on the remaining employees and on the employers themselves.


Maintain motivation and confidence

Uncertainties of the employees that have never been dealt with can change the working atmosphere dramatically for the worse. Fears and a shaken confidence in the management might prevent the much needed productivity. Because this is to be provided even with a reduced manpower. Imminent consequences would be image damages and economical losses. We help you prevent these negative consequences:


Work up fears and uncertainties

The uncertainties and fears resulting from often times massive redundancies have to be worked up. The dismissed employees will be supported and motivated when starting anew, providing, however, that they parted in an atmosphere of mutual respect. But as emotions play a major role, this is challenging even for experienced HR associates and managers.


With SELECTEAM you keep cool

To prevent this systemic complication we offer you an integral new- or outplacement consultancy: in plain language newplacement and outplacement mean a placement of leaving employees. This service is sponsored by the company for employees who have to leave the company for various reasons. New- or outplacement is a synonym for the professional help to find a new professional orientation. This might vary from entering into a new contract to setting up a new business. SELECTEAM helps the respective employees to start anew successfully. In this situation we are the helping hand, and we are there to lead the way into a positive future. The ones who are affected internally and externally co-operate closely and thus reach a fair separation process.


Comprehensive support

For your company we are able to play a decisive role within the optimum coordination of a human separation approach, namely by:

  • supporting managers to lead the separation interviews professionally and adequately
  • implementing trust-building measures with the remaining employees and beginning a new start
  • supporting and/or implementing and steering separation processes as internal and external consultant in terms of an integral personnel service

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